About Us

We are a French/Kiwi couple living in New Zealand with our 2 children. After having spent many years in France we have returned with a rich knowledge of French style and savoir faire.  Our inspiration comes from the countryside and traditions of France.  Hence the name Campagne, which is French for countryside.  Campagne is a family cottage industry run out of our home. Our hands-on artisanal approach to our work allows us to bring you passionately produced quality goods.  With the exception of the French antiques that we sell on our site, all of our products are crafted by us here in New Zealand. We incorporate a variety of techniques and often use antique tools and materials in our creations, further adding to the uniqueness of our products. This also allows us to incorporate some great values such as up-cycling and using traditional natural materials.  As we sell uniquely through our website, you wont find our products in any other stores. It is worth checking our site regularly as we are constantly developing new products.  We hope that you enjoy our work and hope that you can become part of our story.